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    How can I move

    Siena Jackson

      HHow can I move an image once I put it ontop of another layer (i.e. When I put me next to someone  and want to make it so the person I'm next to is taller than me or so we are in front of something! I could not make the Transform tool resize the picture to scale w/ me Or move either layer. Help!!


      THanks in in advance & I hope I made sense.

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          Warunicorn Adobe Community Professional

          If I'm understanding you correctly, what you could do is make a selection over the person you're next to, *THEN* use the transform tool.


          However, after making the selection, I'd use Edit (3rd icon from the top left; looks like a pencil) > Copy, then Edit > Paste to copy the selection to a new layer. You can then transform as needed.