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    Markers in PE 12

    AZ Aurora Level 1

      I am using PE 12 and need help understanding the new markers that I am seeing. I did a "Google search" and although that was helpful still need some help.


      1. First of all where are my "in and out point markers" found? I see a gray marker at the beginning of my project/thought that was it but than could not find the out point? If memory serves me correctly they are called rendering markers. What do they look like and how do I get them where they belong.
      2. I have not added any markers thus far and am seeing "green circles" which in reading appears to be a marker menu how does that differ from a "menu marker"
      3. Than there appear to be the "blue lines" that are perhaps the "menu markers"


      In other words please help me understand "markers" in PE 12. As stated I did go to the Adobe help page but that gave me allot more information and was confusing. I just need markers "101". Thanks