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    Can a relative edit be saved as a preset?

    ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

      Interactively, often I end up doing the same relative edit to many pictures.  For example,

      - set the custom white balance on a whitish object that is common to all of the pictures

      - change the tint to a value -2 from the current value: select the tint number, down-arrow, down-arrow, enter

      Due to light colors changing with the electricity cycle, the initial custom white balance via the "dropper" does not result in a common absolute values but a quite accurate value that floats between 3000 and 3800 for the temperature with a similarly floating tint value.

      In any programming language/script, the relative change would look something like

      currentImage.tint = currentImage.tint - 2;

      From what I have seen, preset files want to assign absolute values to the variables:

      tint = 14,

      Using LR 5.7, is there a way to do this kind of relative change as a saved preset or an otherwise bulk edit?

      tint -= 2,