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    RH x3 and X4 releases

    HKabaker Level 2
      In another thread, answering my question, Rick noted:

      According to my records:
      x3.1 was released 05/2003
      x4.1 was released 07/2003

      That would be 2 months between releases.
      After some digging in invoice files and finding an install CD for X3,

      It appears that RH 2002 came out in early 2002
      X3 was in September 2002
      X4 July 2003
      X5.01March 2004
      X5.02 update December 2004

      So I'm looking for a project of mine in RH X3 between 9/2002 and 7/2003.
      This may be relevant to the issue of file names with extra dots, on which I will report later.