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    Why does the Flash player always crash no matter what


      Adobe flash player always crashes no matter what site I am in to include youtube.com and Facebook.com.

      I can go to any site even the test site for adobe and it will crash, and if I go into the task manager in windows 8.1 it shows that adobe is using memory in the extreme 1 gig and up

      my system is a 32 gig memory, 5 tb HDD, 4.0 8 core proc, but this does not only crash on this system but on 5 others in the home and countless others that friends have with different versions of windows from 7 to windows 10 build 9879 and it is the same issue, up into the gigabytes of memory used by flash. which tells me adobe once again has screwed up the software and is not fixing it even though all of us that are having issues have sent in crash reports even after the newest version release which is flash 15 release


      Get ff your butts adobe and go back to doing your programing right.