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    Slow waveform refresh time on timeline (PrPro CS CC & CC2014 & CC2014 8.1)


      I LOVE so many things about this new release. The one persistent, "always dealing with" issue I have is I have to wait for the audio waveform to refresh most times when I zoom in and out or even just scroll back and forth on the timeline. This is a huge slowdown/impediment issue for me.

      ( i copy text from here : Audio waveform refreshes display slowly on timeline (PrPro CS6) ) <--no solution

      example in video : adobe cc2014 - YouTube

      In my workplace all my colleagues have a similar problem, and no solution!


      CPU: AMD 8350, Intel Core i7-4820K, Intel Core i5-4690K

      Videocard: GeForce GTX 580, GeForce GTX760

      RAM: 16Gb, 32Gb

      HDD: SSD

      OS : WIN7 and Win8 and Win8.1

      and so on, I want to say that it's not because we forgot to install latest drivers, turn off bitcoin mining  or similar, we work with premiere more than 8 years and this is Totally unacceptable!

      so... what is real solution for this? New patch?


      Sorry for bad english! Thanks!