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    How to move animated masks

    ThomasT Level 1



      how can I move an animated mask in a layer?


      I have several layers. One layer contains serveral animated mask. This means I animated the path, nearly every frame. Around 10-20 keyframes.

      No I noticed that all masks are 200 to hight. Why is hard to explain, I changed the source compostion. But it doesn't matter, the problem is generally.


      How I can I move all mask of a layer say 200 pixels down without changing or rebuilding the animation of the mask.


      It would be an option to move the footage of that layer (only that layer!) 200 pixel high and then ther whole layer 200 pixels down.

      May masks dont match the images of the layer anymore. They are now 200 pixel to high, but correct.


      When I try to move a mask I move it only for the current keyframe.