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    Why should I switch from Final Cut X?


      Who am I:

      • Hobbits that has been playing with this stuff since the 80's
      • Has Premiere and After effects in late 90's early 00 before switching to a Mac
      • Make no money from my work. It is mostly home video's or fun stuff laughs at the office
      • I have CC for photography, switched before Apple killed Aperture. For $10/month it is not bad for LightRoom's power and PhotoShop is over kill for me, though I like the power
      • I have had Final Cut for years, and love the CHEAP price of Final Cut Pro X
      • Use Motion a fair amount, though no expert


      Now to switch up from the Photo package of CC to have one with Premiere and After Effects is 3x the cost, or $240 MORE as year. FCPX is $50, plus Motion $50 add Compressor and you still are 6 month pay off (and I already own them).


      I agree with many reviews that FCPX is like iMovie pro, but Why would I switch to Premiere Pro?

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          Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          So that you could participate in theis forum.



          Download the trial and see if you would benefit by using PPro.

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            kcossabo Level 1

            Thank you. I will, wanted a few insights in case my novice knowledge did not miss something while playing with it.


            Do not think there will be a $240/year value for a armature over the CC Photo, which is priced very well at $10/month.


            I think I could enroll at a Community Collage and take 1 course a year and save the difference between the student cost and the individual cost.


            I hope that Adobe thinks of a 'video edit' level like the photo edit one for $10/month


            thank you for the reply, a job for the end of year holiday, and some Lynda.com video watching.

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              Peru Bob Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              I'm a also hobbyist and don't generate any income from Adobe products.


              I couldn't justify the subscription cost, so I decided to stay with Premiere Pro CS5.5, which was upgraded from CS4, and was able to find an unopened box of CS5.5 Master Collection at a good price so that I could also have After Effects and Photoshop Extended.


              You can still purchase the perpetual version of CS6, but I'm not sure how much longer Adobe will have that available.

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                jasonvp Level 3

                kcossabo wrote:


                Why would I switch to Premiere Pro?


                • Transparency.  Adobe tells you what it can and can't do with various pieces of hardware (think: GPUs) on your machine.  In fact, they list it exactly.  Apple just says stuff like, "Oh, it'll be faster with your GPUs.  Trust us."  They never specifically enumerate the advantages GPU acceleration can provide.
                • Traditional NLE Format,  FCPX's interface isn't exactly what you'd call traditional as it pertains to an NLE.  Maybe you can dig it, maybe you can't.  Pr's is traditional and if you've used any other NLE, you can easily figure it out.
                • Superb Integration.  Adobe's cross-application integration is ridiculously simple and easy to use.  Want to edit a sound track from Pr in Audition?  Back-click on the track and tell Pr that; Audition gets launched and the track is loaded.  Need some help from AE?  No problem, you can easily move tracks back and forth between AE and Pr.  Apple's apps aren't integrated really, at all.  It's sad, too.
                • Better Native Editing Support.  If Adobe says that Pr can edit something natively, it can.  Without transcoding, without copying, without re-wrapping, without anything.  FCPX, on the other hand, attempts to do the same thing.  Some formats (think: AVCHD) that exist in parts will be wrapped into a single MOV container before you can edit them.  This can take a while if the segments are 4GB in size...

                I'm sure there are a few more reasons I can think of.  FCPX isn't a bad NLE per se.  I just happen to like the way Pr (and the other Adobe apps) does things.

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                  kcossabo Level 1

                  Peru Bob, I see Adobe Creative Suite 6 Production Premium (Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop Extended, Audition, SpeedGrade, Prelude, Illustrator, Encore, Media Encoder, and Flash Professional) for $810.


                  At $49/Month (Complete — For New Customers) verse the $29/Month (Complete — For CS Customers) it would be a 3 year pay back


                  I REALY wish they had a $9.99/Month plan for Video Editing with Pe and Ae like there is for Photography.


                  I will download and play with it, but $2/day seems like a lot for the access with no income from it.


                  Jason Van Patten thank you for the help on the differences. I will play and see if I LOVE it enough to be with the cost.