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      • 80. Re: Terrible performance on iMac 5K
        Badly Drawn Boy Level 1

        Hi everyone,


        I'm sure many of you noticed that Apple released updates to the iMac line and also announced an iMac Pro line. Both have faster processors, faster storage, and significantly improved graphics cards.


        The iMac Pro is overkill for me, but I'm thinking of upgrading to a maxed out iMac 5k, with 4.2 Ghz i7, 2 TB SSD and 32 or 64 GB of RAM. I'm hoping this will resolve the issues I've had with editing photos in LR.


        I can still sell my current iMac for $1,500, so the upgrade will cost me (or rather, my business) about $2,500. Seems like a worthy trade up.


        I'll report back once I see the results.

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