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    how to get url action after movie is played? please help

      Dear flash desingers,

      i want to put in a action script in my flash movie, after the movie is played, is has to go to a defferent url (as i next page) , i know in action script you have to put in "get url" but not with the script "on (release)" because you don't have to click on it. it must go by it's self after the flash movie is played.

      How do i do this?
      Do i have to ad an stop action somewhere, if so where. If possible can anny one give me the comeplete action script code. because i'm at a real los. My site is currently working with a "refresh" code that refreshes the site in a couple of seconds that you put in your self in the HTML code, but thats not what i want. It has to be in the flash action script.

      I saved al the movies i made on my site in an *.FLA so they can easely be edited.

      PLEASE someboddy help me!!!!