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    Indesign - data merge crashes.

    Richard Broom Level 1

      Oh woe, oh woe and thrice WOE!!!  I thought that Adobe had fixed the 'crash on data merge' problem but nope, there it is again in InDesign (fully up to date) on a Mac desktop (Yosemite 10.10.1). 


      We use data merge all the time (and it is one of the main reasons we have InDesign).


      There has been a fix in the past where the files in the Library preference and cache folders are deleted.  Deleting those files used to work (but took away all preferences (yawn)) but it isn't working this morning and this awful problem has come back to haunt me.


      There was another fix where the Adobe chap had me create a new User ID on my


      Moaning probably won't do any good but I do have to ask why Adobe can't seem to fix this problem once and for all.


      PLEASE Adobe, help me fix this problem.