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    Colour correction for H.264/YouTube export from premier pro cc, help.


      Hi, I am just finishing up a project that I put together in Premier Pro CC and SpeedGrade. I did a little test export, as it's for YouTube I used H.264. On looking at it afterwards it looked washed out with the blacks losing there depth, the saturation dropping and a loss of contrast. I tried checking on a few monitors and then tried uploading a piece to YouTube and it looks the same across the monitors and the same on YouTube this washed out drab change. So I tried reimporting the export back into Premier Pro and it looks fine in Premier Pro and SpeedGrade. I can go back and push my blacks and whites but it'll have to beyond 0 and 100 to get my contrast back and it feels wrong using the scopes like this. Dose anyone know what I might be doing wrong?