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    Newest Flash and Photoshop Updates Nixed my Tablet


      This isn't the first time updating an adobe product has forced me to wipe my HDD and start from scratch. 


      Everything was working perfectly until I updated to the latest versions... Now I can't get either of them to even open.  Flash at least opens, but as soon as I try and get to a workspace, it freezes up and turns white.  PS crashes while loading.


      Now, I've been doing a combination of uninstalling and re-installing my drivers and PS and Flash, but to no avail.  When I try to run either program when my tablet drivers are uninstalled, they work perfectly (minus, you know, the tablet part).  As soon as I re-install them (and restart) everything gets broken again. 


      Some of my specs:


      Windows 7

      16gb RAM

      3.30 Ghz

      NVIDIA video card (not sure which one, but it's not old)

      Dual Screen setup



      Yiynova MSP 19U+


      Again, I've tried everything short of wiping my entire system, which I had to do last time these things updated.  It fixed the problem, so I'm really hoping there is some other way to deal with this that's not such an inconvenience.  Please, help!


      I should also mention that these drivers and known to be finicky, and I've defiantly gotten the "straight lines" bug before.