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    Problems with catalog etc in Lightroom 5


      I`ve got a pc with Windows 7 and Lightroom 5.
      Earlier today I imported a few houndred photos into Lightroom and it was successful.
      Then I had to go to the store and i closed Lightroom and turned off the computer.


      When I started  it again now and sat down to work on my photos I was almost shocked!
      Thousands of imports is gone! Everything I`ve imported, tagged, edited etc since March seems to be gone!
      What I noticed is that a startwindow from Lightroom asking me to select country - flickered just a second or two before Lightroom launched.

      My identity plate setup and personal selected fonts is also gone.
      User templates in the Print module is "up to date" - so no wrong there.


      When I look for the catalog manually I found it with todays date but with a lot of missing data it seems....
      The number shown in "All Photographs" in the Library module seems to be correct.


      Can anyone please help me out?
      Im almost starting to panicking now. If I`ve lost all the work I`ve done since March I am in biiiiiiig trouble.....