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    Can't suddenly link to quciktime files - damaged or unsupported

    Einar Magnus


      I am running my After Effects CS6 on Imac OS X version 10.9.2 / 3,1 Ghz Intel Core i5 / memory 24 GB 1333 Mhz.

      Yesterday I exported from Media Composer some quicktime files to work on in After effects. I located them on Thunderbolt external disk and the files are with AVdn Codecs. They where running fine in my After effects project yesterday but today when I wanted to start the project again I couldn´t get any contact with the files and I got this message when I tried to "replace" (link) the footage with the same original one :

      "After Effects error: file "NAME OF THE FILE..mov" cannot be imported - this 'MooV' file is damaged or unsupported."

      These file are all running smoothly in other softwares so there dosen't seem to be anything wrong with them. Except suddenly in AEF.

      I checked the status of the Media & Disk Cache and it is set to 95 GB and there are 300 GB available on the hard drive. so, to my knowledge, that should not cause any problem.

      Could somebody please help me to find out what could cause this sudden problem?

      With respect and best regards

      Einar Magnus