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    Adobe Flash Player installed - but not working


      I have Windows 7, 64 bit, with Internet Explorer 11.  On the day before Thanksgiving everything was working fine.  I received a greeting on 11/27 and was unable to open it - I was told I needed to install Adobe Flash Player - assumed it was an update - but since that time I've been unable to open any of the puzzles on Shockwave, or cards from greeting card providers - probably some other things, but I haven't found out about them yet.  Every time I try to open any of these programs, I get a message that I need to install the flash player.  My control panel shows that I have Adobe Flash Player 15 Active X, 6 MB, version installed and the add-on manager under tools says it's enabled - but it escapes me what it's enabled to do other than drive me batty and waste all my time.  I've rebooted the computer, closed all IE windows, numerous times after uninstalling the program and then reinstalling it - all a waste of time.  Is there any advice out there?  Linda Kochefko, El Dorado, KS