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    How to remove objects from pics using LR...


      I am not a professional photographer and I do not have a whole lot of photo editing knowledge. I started out several years ago using Photoshop elements 5 and eventually learned how to do several things like moving objects around or removing them from a photo, or moving someone's face into a different picture if their eyes were closed and lots of nice editing features. I loved it and still love it. My laptop was getting really old and slow so I just recently purchased a new computer which has windows 8 on it. I loaded my photoshop elements and cannot get it to open or work properly and am wondering if it's because of the windows 8 operating system. So I then decided to purchase a new photo editing software. I decided (quickly.. too quickly) to purchase adobe lightroom just because it had very good reviews online. Now I have several pictures that need to be edited for Christmas and I cannot find any "lasso tool" or any thing similar right now.. I was so used to using the layers and features from the PE and now my heart is broken because I feel so lost and maybe broke at the same time!! This program is soooo different than what I was used to using but I don't even know if I can do the same things with it. EXAMPLE: there is an air conditioner unit in one of the photos I've taken and I was planning on removing it from the picture. Also I was aiming on moving a face over from another picture because of some closed eyes.. Someone please tell me, is this program capable of doing these things or can I only play with the lighting in this? Will I have to spend more of my $$ to get another Photoshop elements to get the features I use?