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    A whole world of problems....


      Hello Adobe Edge Animate Forum,


      FIRST, I am requesting that an Adobe Edge Animate programmer please take a look at this discussion.


      I really love the program, and it's promise for what it does.  I am spending countless hours in it, creating

      a more media rich version of http://www.pazzaria.com


      I am getting frequent errors, hang ups, and parts of the program that just don't want to work.


      Attached, you will se the specs of my computer.  My HD is a 250 GB SSD.


      I have been in digital media, and, thusly, have been using your programs for over twenty years.


      I wish that Adobe Edge Animate had an option for me to increase/decrease the amount of RAM allocated.


      My issues:


      1) Attached, you will find an error message that comes up, when I start up the program.  Now, of course,

      it's b.s., because I just OK, and I can use the program.


      2)  Often, when I try and rename either a group, or a file in the Elements menu, or the Timeline, I can't.

           I highlight the file, type in the new name, and it just reverts back to the old name.  Very, very frustrating.


      3)  This is a new one, as of today.  I tried to resize one of my graphics, and the handles didn't show up.

           The rotate symbol came up, and I accidentally tried to resize it, but ended up rotating it.  No worries.

           I just command z-d it.


      4)  Often, smart guides just come on when they want to.


      I have trashed not only the Edge Animate preferences countless times, but, also, one time, I trashed

      all the preferences on my machine, thinking that that would help. It has not.


      I also repaired disk permissions on my hard drive several times.  No luck.


      I have also trashed, and resisted the program about three times.


      Every time I do any of the few fixes above, I also restart my machine.


      The bottom line is, this program should really still be in beta.  It needs a lot of work under the hood, still.


      It's a lot of little things, that, at the end of the day, just add up to delays on the project, and are frustrating.


      The problem is not with the file, because I have experienced similar errors in another file.


      I know that you just through with a whole round of updates, for this.  In my experience, it didn't

      fix a lot of stuff.


      Is the fact that I have an SSD an issue?  I hope that you have tested the program on a wide variety of



      Please advise, as I am a paying CC member.


      I would really like Adobe Edge Animate to be as smooth as your other programs, in terms of functionality.

      Adobe is better than this!









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          Erik Urtz

          Ya know I hadn't experienced any significant bugs before the latest update. Now with 2014.1.1 I notice several. The most annoying has been issues with the stacking order of duplicated elements. I'm hopeful they fix this stuff soon, it is interesting to me though that I didn't have any issues prior to 1.1.

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            Vinod Menon@Adobe Adobe Employee

            Hi dezinewiz ,


            Can you let me know which version of Edge Animate are you using? Is it EA 2014.1.1? We will try to reproduce the issues that you have pointed out. We as a dev team would like to work with you to resolve the issues you are facing so that you do not have productivity issues using EA. Thanks for letting us know the issues you are facing. It will be good if you can share a sample project where you are facing these issues.



            Vinod Menon

            Edge Animate Team

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              Vinod Menon@Adobe Adobe Employee

              Hi Erik Urtz

              Can you elaborate on "stacking order of duplicated elements"? Would like to know what exactly is the issue.


              Vinod Menon

              Edge Animate

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                Erik Urtz Level 1

                Occasionally when I duplicate elements, such as a div containing a few items, the stacking order of the new element is different from the original. The background element might become the foreground element, or something else. Changing the order of the elements in the list view does not seem to change anything when this happens. It is as if the new elements are given a permanent place in the stacking order and nothing I do will change it.


                This doesn't happen all the time, and I have yet to really discover any rhyme or reason as to what causes it. Sometimes when I change the stacking order of the original elements before duplicating I won't experience the issue again. It's an odd thing, and a bit annoying since I have occasionally had to recreate elements instead of duplicating them.

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                  I am having all sorts of problems with 2014.1.1 as well. The most irritating is that symbol animations are just disappearing. VERY frustrating. I am creating somewhat complex animations within a symbol and the divs just disappear for no reason what so ever.

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                    dezinewiz Level 1

                    Hello Vinod,


                    I am very glad that Adobe is taking a look at these forums, and trying to help out.


                    I am using the latest version of Adobe Edge Animate.  All of my s are running the latest OS X OS.


                    Please.  Issue an update soon, to cover these issues.  Why is EA so buggy?  Hasn't it been in development long enough?


                    I am really enjoying the software, but, of course, when bugs happen, it's annoying, and slows down workflow.


                    I would like to take this opportunity to say, however - BRAVE ADOBE!  To not only pose the question of, how can we make a program that creatives can make an HTML 5 website, without knowing how to code, AND, to have the brilliant idea of utilizing an After Effects interface to do it with is just pure genius.


                    You guys have something awesome going on here.


                    Here's the manifesto, that will be on my website, once it goes live:




                    pazzaria.com 2.0 is wholly unlike any website that you have ever encountered.


                    It’s much more media rich, immersive, and engaging.


                    This is all totally on purpose, you see.


                    So many websites are still, unfortunately, stuck in this “digital magazine, or newspaper” mentality.  Whoever said that the web had to be that way?  Many websites want to stuff information into rectangles, boxes, and grids, with little regard to motion, audio, or, heaven forbid, story.


                    We, at Pazzaria Productions, see things in an entirely different way.  We are incredibly lucky, and grateful for Adobe creating Adobe Edge Animate, for, without this software, what you see could simply not exist.


                    What, you say?  There is Flash?  Indeed!  Flash has been around for a very long time.  But, Steve Jobs bequeathed that Flash shalt not be on iOS devices.


                    Adobe Edge Animate renders everything in HTML 5, so, there is no excuse, and no devices

                    which websites created with it cannot be accepted.


                    Please enjoy http://www.pazzaria.com .


                    Thank you for visiting!




                    I am looking forward to updates.  Thanks again!



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                      arao2k6 Level 2

                      Hi Erik


                      We have logged a bug for the stacking order that you have mentioned. We are tracking it internally.

                      Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


                      We were not able to repro the MAC 10.10.1 exception that is being reported. We will investigate more on this. Thanks Again.


                      Thanks for your time.



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                        TonUden Level 1

                        I am realy angry at this update , It isnt stable and FULL OF BUGS!!!