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    Premiere Pro Audio Waveform Glitch?


      Hello all, hope you guys could help me. I edit a lot with audio waveforms to assist me with synching multiply cameras as well as locating impurities to my audio. Recently (past 3 months) I have been experiencing some problems with viewing my waveforms in the sequence. If my sequence is fully zoomed out everything visually looks ok but as I zoom into the sequence the audio wave forms seems to "shift." so the audio sounds fine but visually the waveforms are all off. So I can't make any cuts according to how it looks which is a problem with me. So please give me your thoughts please.


      I am on a windows 7 custom build with 8 GBs Ram

      Doesn't matter to format of the footage or the format of the sequence all is equal.

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          Richard M Knight Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Other posters have had different problems with alignment in the UI, this was caused by an unusual font size in the Windows 7 interface setup, might be worth trying a different size.

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            spitfire323 Level 1

            Don't see how font size would affect the audio waveform.

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              R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Some of the things that affect these programs aren't "apparently" logical. And clearly a lot of the things that become problems for the user base were NOT logical to become a problem to the design people.So ... it may not work for you, but as noted, for a number of people this actually did fix a problem like unto yours. Hope you simply checked it out on your rig.


              I don't know how many times over the last couple years people have had a suggestion which ended up being the proper one but it didn't seem sensible to them so they refused to even try it and we had long threads where they were demanding a "sensible" cure ... and tried all sorts of other things ... and finally gave up and tried that utterly stupid suggestion that had been the first one and clearly had NO connection whatever with their problem ... and ... um ... amazingly, it worked.


              Of course, some of them were nice but politely refused ... and some were a bit less than polite. Very frustrating as a volunteer to be attempting to help someone who isn't willing to try the suggestions nor even bothers to be neutral let alone polite.



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                denez mcadoo Level 1

                I'm having this same problem on a mac and so is another editor. Doesn't happen all the time, but occasionally in CC zooming in and out will change the wave form, visually, but not the actual audio.


                Real frustrating, because I'm editing 20 min shots looking for specific pieces of audio and I need to sync them as well. No solution, but you can try manually deleting the pkf file in explorer (should be next to your audio source) and then having premiere re-create the waveform.

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                  denez mcadoo Level 1

                  ...or try going to "Sequence" > "Render Audio". This might fix it as well.


                  Either way, this is something Adobe should be fixing first.