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    bridge and after effects

    Jane needs help



      I'm new to after effects, but not new the adobe programs. I could be considered a "power user" for several of their products. 

      I'm currently trying to teach myself how to use After Effects with the classroom in a book series. In that teaching series, one of the things they are trying to teach is the integration between bridge and after effects to preview, and then export, effects. However, the integration between these two softwares is proving to be very buggy.


      As per the instructions in the book, I'm supposed to be able to preview the text special effects in bridge, and then place them to a selected layer in after effects, but what usually happens is nothing. After several attempts, I came to the conclusion that this part of the software wasn't working. I was able to work around this by going to the effects panel in After effects and dragging and dropping it onto the selected layer. I only use bridge to preview.


      Unfortunately, I've hit a technical snafu with loading an animated path. It's not working in the after effects panel, and when I try to export it from bridge as per the books instructions, I get this error message: "After Effects error: Can't import file "Pipes.ffx": unsupported filetype or extension."


      Does anyone have an idea as to what's going on? I'm on a mac running mavericks, using the most recent downloads of Affects and Bridge.


      Thanks for your help!


      All best-