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    Is this kind a project doable?

    _Cedric_ Level 1
      Hello folks :)

      I worked with cf before a couple of months (flash forms etc)
      Now we have to do a project for school:
      Write client/server app, the server interacts with a DB and the client (with GUI) interacts with the server by sending/receiving XML-data via sockets

      So I have to write my own server (in C++, Java, ...)
      For the client app, I was thinking about Flex, the GUI will be very nice, but is it possible to do this in flex ?

      Webservices work with XML-data via sockets I guess but i'll need detailed information about how this works in flex to be able to communicate with my selfmade server ... or are there other possibilities?

      So is this doable? Any tips, links are welcome :)