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    Import website into RoboHTML

    Red Laboratories-ssaEyj
      I'm trying to import a directory of HTML and graphic files into RoboHelp. Is the Import > HTML file option on the File menu the only way to do this? There must be something faster as I have so many files to import and doing them individually is not only time-consuming, but RoboHelp crashes after each import.

      Does anyone know of a feature or better method? Please!
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          lmarden Level 2
          Hi Michelle. I have imported HTML files quite often and have never experienced crashing or error messages. And you can select multiple files to bring in all at once - so I wonder exactly what you are experiencing. Using the Import option, you are presented with the typical Select Files window to identify the files you want to import. You can hold down your Shift or Ctrl keys to select multiple files. Try importing a group of say, 10 HTML files at once. Select them all, and let it go - you may see a message about style sheets already existing, which asks if you want to overwrite the one in your project. Once you make that decision, the import should happen and the results will be displayed in a popup window.
          If you crash instead, is there any other clue to what's going on? Error messages?

          If importing 10 files at a time works, try 20 files the next time. Then more if still successful. If you are already trying to select multiple files (that isn't clear from your post), I don't know how many you are trying to batch together but you may be hitting a memory ceiling somewhere, especially if the HTML files contain large graphics.


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            Red Laboratories-ssaEyj Level 1
            Thanks Laurin for your help.

            Well, after I select Import > HTML, Windows Explorer opens and I am presented the option to navigate to the files I wish to import. Since there are many HTML files spread throughout the folders, I have tried selecting all of the folders and clicking [Open]. I've also tried selecting just one file at a time.

            After I click [Open], the RoboHelp interface becomes inactive. Although I can still see it, I cannot select it or click anything on the screen. I resort to ending the program using task manager.

            When I reopen RoboHelp, sometimes one file (at the root of the folder directory) is there, but most of the time nothing has changed (perhaps b/c RoboHelp crashed before it had time to save.)

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              lmarden Level 2
              Try selecting only files - not folders. I believe you can only work with one folder at a time. Of course, you can always move all the files into one folder in Windows Explorer than select that new folder to import from in RH - if the folder structure doesn't matter for these files once they are in RH. But RH is expecting a folder - to - folder import. You typically start in the folder that you want to import the files into, then go to File / Import to select the files from their source.

              I am thinking that what seems like a crash is more of a processing time issue - if you are going to try to import countless files you might want to start the job and go to lunch or something. RH is doing more than just taking a copy of the files - it is also updating its own database and adding / overwriting style sheets depending on how you address that issue. And probably more...

              Unfortunately I don't think there is a better way of bringing in all these files. Wait - I remember that once, I had a problem bring in a file from a network drive - so I copied the actual file to my local drive and imported from there. Where are your source files? Are they on a network drive? Then you have to add network communications issues to the soup. Try copying your source file structure to your local drive and then importing. But again, unless someone knows a really neat trick out there, it is a single file -> single file migration.
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                lmarden Level 2
                let me clarify the last sentence - I meant (contents of) single folder --> single folder migration.