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    Importing complex Illustratof files (begginers question)




      I am new to AE and I have an animation to make. I prepared standard file in Illustrator:

      Illustrator screen.jpg

      It has two layers with looots of shapes in them. When i try to import it to AE, it looks like that:

      AE imported at default settings.jpg

      So, one big picture, no shapes, no possibility to move.

      In all the tutorials I found they give as examples small files with few shapes in them, few layers. i tried "release to layers" command, but all I got was 150 layers that seem impossible to edit at once in AE:

      AE imported as layers screen.jpg

      Is there a way to import such complex file (as in picture 1), maintaining all features of the layers? How to make each page from Illustrator to work as a part of sequence, put in order?

      I can guess these are pretty basic things I am asking, but I'm really short on time and can't find way around this problem.

      Thank you,