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    INVISIBLE WINDOW IN Contribute 4

      Hi there ..new in this forum....updated to Contribute 4 from 3...it worked fine for 2 days. Now the app opens but is a ghost ...it is invisible..I connect but cannot edit my website since there is no window to see...Since my website is a music website i can hear the music but do not see the page on screen...VERY WEIRD...Any ideas? plz !!...I emailed Adobe support team..2 weeks ago...They have not got back to me yet....thanx in advance...spiramus
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          redbarron Level 1
          You may need to reinstall Contribute (ick). Make sure you don't have some other dialog box hiding in the background. Can you do anything else such as use the Choose... button or the File menus? Also, click Edit-->My Connections to make sure the connection is up and running (no red line through it).