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    How do I get my sections using two-page spreads to start on the right side of the spread?

    Mathias17 Level 3

      (I use Indesign CC 2014, on Windows 7)



      My book has multiple sections.

      Each section is a separate file.

      All pages use  2up master pages.

      If all sections had an even number of pages, there would be no issue. But some end on a left page (left side page of spread).


      Therefore, some sections needs to start their first page on the right side of spread.


      I need to output PDFs for production, and due to content fluctuation the quantity of pages in each spread is random.


      Do I have to manage whether each section starts on the left or right of the spread manually?



      Here's an example:


      Once the PDF is output, I need the first page of Section 2 to automatically be where the pink rectangle is.

      Instead, the last page of Section 1 and the first page of Section 2 both use the left facing page of my 2up master pages.