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    Can I use Muse to build my Partner Website with BC?


      Hi every one! I'm back. I've been learning enough about BC and am finally getting to building my Partner Website. I've mostly been using Muse to create websites (Though I'm currently learning other methods in BC), and I started to do my Partner Website but when I went to upload it to my Partner site on BC (Yes I went through the process to set everything up and it even gave me a Partner site template) I clicked on publish but I couldn't find my Partner Site to select. I found all my other sites I've been working on but not my partner site. Am I missing something or am I just not allowed to use Muse to build my Partner site?


      The reason I ask is because I want to use my Partner site to promote the templates that I made on muse. I've looked into and researched building my site purely on BC and while I'm making progress, I am having trouble finding a way to build my site with just BC and then put my Muse templates/themes on there for people to see.


      Any an all help is appreciated. Thanks.