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    <alt> <tab> switching not working in ACR



      I've recently encountered an issue trying to switch out of ACR to another application/desktop using the standard <alt><tab> key stroke combination.

      When I try this, Icons for any open application (+ desktop) show correctly in the usual box.  However, when I select an app and release the keys it jumps back to ACR.

      When I get dumped back into ACR, the Open Image, OK and Cancel buttons are missing.  A single click on the window brings back focus, and the buttons display again.


      The alt - tab combination works fine from PS, LR and all other applications. 

      Aero switching <start><tab> fails the same way as <alt><tab>.


      I've recently updated to the latest CC versions of Bridge and PS.

      Any thoughts?


      thanks, Jono

      Windows 7, 64bit.