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      Hello. I hope everyone had a nice holiday. I'll try to be brief. I'm having a horrible problem with exporting my films.  I work on a PC. To me, that shouldn't matter, but here's what's been happening.  I shoot my films at 23.976 frames on the 5DMII and the 7D.  My film got into a film festival. They asked for a 720p mp4 file. OK, no problem. I went under H.264, I exported an HD File, with 23.976 frame rate and I checked both boxes for Max Render and I set a 2-pass. I exported and when I played the vid back through Windows Media Player, it felt fine.

      BUT, at the festival this past weekend, I was horrified to discover that my film, and no other films, was having a major sound problem. The audio was about half a second ahead of the footage, so they kind of looked like they were speaking correctly, but their dialogue would finish right before their mouths would. Super embarrassing. All I noted when I saw the tech booth was that they were using a mac laptop hooked to the projector, so I assume maybe it was quicktime they were running? Also, I believe they put all of the vids together as one file so it would run together as one block, but still, I believe most of the other films were shot at 23.976 frames as well, so that shouldn't matter.


      I went home, thinking maybe I just wasn't being diligent enough and I needed to really look at the sound. Maybe it was off. But I keep all of the temp tracks, the sound from the dslr, on track 1 and then just mute it. I unmuted and played both tracks, and there's no difference. No echo, no weird delays, they're both perfectly synched up.

      I've been having this problem for a long time but this was the first time that I REALLY could see the problem, probably because it was on such a big screen. Just my opinion, but I've found that most festivals are running MAC software and it seems like the vids I export seem to have an audio problem being played through mac programs. Another instance, briefly. I did a screening for a feature I edited. I exported an HD mp4 and put it on a friends MAC. The sound was off when we pre-screened it. I have a PC Toshiba laptop, I ran the vid through windows media player, and it felt much better, so we screened using my laptop and it went fine. But what does that mean?


      Has anyone else had this problem? It's not just festivals too. I have a subscription with Vimeo, but every short film that I put up there has some kind of an audio drift problem. It's always minor so some people see it and some people don't, but I'm certain the vids are fine on my timeline. Do I need to export using something else? A different setting? As a quicktime vid? That last question seems kooky since any tutorial I've seen is usually wanting h.264, so I just don't know.

      Please let me know if there's anything I can try or if you just have an opinion. Thanks very much.