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    Premiere Pro CC 2014 crash when I Click and Drag


      Hi All, I have a problem with Premiere CC 2014 that is driving me crazy!


      The issue is as follows:


      If I try to drag a clip, sequence, effect or transition anywhere within the premiere, it will crash - with "Sorry, a serious error has occurred" message. The program will crash, quit and the saved recovery project is usually healthy (luckily!). BUT, as soon as I've re-started the program, and reloaded the project - or any project for that matter - the problem persists. As soon as I click and drag, Premiere crashes!


      In order to 'reset' this, I have to restart my machine. Once I have done so, I can continue editing as normal for a while (not long, perhaps up to an hour, or so) but eventually, it WILL crash again. I've not been able to work out what I have to do in order to trigger this - it seems random. But once it's happened, only restarting my computer will resolve it - and then only temporarily.


      Here are all the facts:


      • The crash ONLY happens when I drag something... This can include moving a clip on the timeline, dragging a clip form the source viewer or project window, dragging an effect or transition.
      • The crash happens after I have clicked, as soon as I start to move my mouse.
      • I CAN click and drag to extend in and out points on the timeline, and I can do 'insert' edit using the button on the source monitor. No crash here.
      • The footage plays fine.
      • I am trying this on a CLEAN OS X install, with only Adobe packages installed, to eliminate any potential of interference from other programs. There are no third party plugins or drivers installed. No user data installed either (preferences, photos, documents, etc) - as fresh as it comes!
      • I am not running Time Machine in the BG
      • My system is: Macbook Pro 2011, 16GB Ram, 1tb SSD, OS X Yosemite 10.10.1. Intel Graphics card, so no option to turn on or off hardware acceleration. It is set to software only.
      • I have tested this with projects and footage on an external drive, as well as internal, same issue.
      • I noticed the issue had started on, or around 25-27th November 2014.

      Interestingly, I have noticed that once this crash has occurred in Premiere, a similar problem will occur in After Effects as soon as I drag a file or layer... doesn't matter what the layer is. The crash seems less elegant here, I don't get an error message, it just freezes and I have to 'force quit'. Again, the problem persists until the machine is restarted.


      I have been using my macbook and premiere pro cc 2014 on Mavericks for a long time, and had no problems - so I know it should work fine! The only things that changed were an update to Yosemite, I started using Time Machine to make regular backups, I installed a few new fonts and any CC updates that happened in the background... I can rule out most of these because of my fresh install, with no user data, fonts plugins or time machine to confuse matters... It must be an Adobe bug with Yosemite!


      Any ideas?


      Thanks so much in advance!!