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    component help

      So im trying to do two seperate things but i figured i would get help in the same message..
      First off i wanted to know if its possible to create check boxes that when you check them, your background changes (i.e. click dog checkbox and a dog appears, click flower checkbox, and a rose appears, etc)..Im sure it is and im sure its done with skins somehow but i have no idea how to do it...please help!

      Second..i need a search button for the first page.
      I dont know how to do this except i know that i will need the input text component..I have several scenes that are currently connected with basic buttons but i also have many frames in each of the scenes so i was wondering if i can have a search button that will connect to either a single scene, or i can make it connect to another page that has thumbnails of the scenes (if an object appears more then once)

      Basically i just need help..and any help is better then none!
      thank you very much