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    match performance footage and audio duration and speed

    Lars Höög

      I recently shot three performances of the same consert/opera/play - video clips in different angles from each plus a audio recording from one of them to mach aganinst.


      Now it's time to match all of this together in Permiere Pro CC 2014 and I get to the frustrating part of matching the videos to each others and to the audio and I feel that there must be a smart tool that I've not yet discovered.


      The problem is that the mucisians (due to improvisations in the piece) never preformed the same piece for the same duration in all the recordings.


      I know of time remapping but it is not at all easy to use for exact mapping of one clip to the other.


      Is there any tool that allows you to put markers for start, end and index points in between and then:

      1. match the total length of one or several video channels in the sequence to the desired master clip (in my case the audio recording)
      2. match the index points to the master one
      3. perform needed time mapping or similar to ensure that all the footage match

      After such an operation cutting the footage together would be so much more easy.


      I have the full CC 2014 suite so if Premiere Pro is not the optimal tool in the CC suite please feel to suggest another within CC.


      Which tools or workflow would you use in my case?

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          dummergold Level 4

          kind of vague discription to visualize as to what you are asking about.


          I would guess your audio spans the whole performance and your camera shots are portions that do not overlap each other. Visual syncronization is not that hard if you have good audio with your camera footage. Premiere does have a tool - if you select all your footage in the Project panel, right click and choose Create Multi-Camera Source Sequence, then choose your Syncronization Point as Audio (or your more appropriate selection) - from what I am visualizing with what you have, this will align your video to your audio track (when you open that automatically created sequence in the timeline)


          and then you can pull the video tracks down to one video level if you like.