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    ADE cannot connect to the internet

    cromercrab Level 1

      I have been using Digital Editions for some months now without any issues.  Suddenly, the software cannot connect to the internet.


      Firstly, I have carefully checked my ID and password and these are both correct, and I can log into my account via my browser.


      I have been looking through the forums, and it was suggested that I deactivate the software on my PC and deactivate my ereader, and then reactivate both.  This didn’t work, as I cannot connect to the Adobe server, and so I cannot reactivate.


      I have tried changing the settings on the firewall to allow ADE through, and have also tried switching the firewall off temporarily.  Neither of these worked.


      I have tried deleting ADE and reinstalling, but this didn’t work.


      I have been using ADE version 3, and tried deleting this and installing version 4, but this didn’t work.


      I have checked that I can connect to the Adobe server via my browser using the URL  http://adeactivate.adobe.com/.   This shows a web page headed by the words “Welcome to Digital Editions” and confirms that my PC can connect to the server via my browser, but not from ADE.


      However, my browser cannot connect to the URL http://aractivate.adobe.com. This webpage is not available. Perhaps this is the root of the problem?


      Any help?