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    PLEASE HELP! Unable to render any Quicktime format - after effects error unable to open file (-1610153459)


      I just can't render any type of Quicktime file in AE CC 2014. I'm on Windows 8.1.

      Even in CS6 was it not possible, but I never really used any Quicktime filetypes.

      Normally I just rendered to .h264, but now that's only available via the insane slow Adobe Media Encoder, I want to use the Quicktime -> h.264 option, but it's just not possible.

      I also want to render some footage to the Avid DNxHD codec, but this is also not possible.

      Doesn't matter what type of footage, dslr footage, pictures, AE solids. Everytime I want to render in a Quicktime file I get this error:

      AE error: Rendering error while writing to file (File-Location). Unable to open file. (-1610153459)

      Installed the latest Windows version of Quicktime, didn't help...


      I saw some topics about this, but they didn't provide a good solution. All they discussed was the hardware of the computer. I have enough space available and render to a NTFS drive.

      Please can someone help me with this!