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    After Effects cropping my frames?

    magneticflowers Level 1

      I have a bunch of frames that I'm putting together with some audio in after effects.  The problem is that while I have all the frames full sized as a jpeg, when I put them in after effects it crops them so only a small portion of the image is seen.  The audio is working fine and everything is lined up and I can render it and save as a quicktime file, but when I play it I'm still getting just a small portion of the image I want seen.  I've tried playing it via preview as I lay it out to see if anything I'm doing is fixing the problem, but it won't show me my sequence in preview, just a static image or nothing (and I have my composition selected, not just an individual frame).  I tried right clicking on the composition to go to composition settings and adjusting the width and height, but it just shows me a random frame in the middle of the sequence.  As I adjust the borders widen so I can see the full image, but when I render everything and save it again the problem is not fixed.  Any suggestions?