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    How do I remove items from duplicates (child pages) of Master Page?

    ilikewinter Level 1

      I am trying to remove an element from a copy of a master page. Basically, I inserted 18 pages into our document, and only on the first of those pages can I go into the layers, select the rectangle (shown in the photo as the smaller square or inset on the larger square) and delete it. However, when I try to do that to the others, it's not selectable and it doesn't show up in the layers. The photo shows what I am trying to remove.


      Note: I do not want to change the master page — I just want to take this one item off of the duplicate pages I have created.


      The tutorials I found on Adobe aren't really helpful bc I am so new to this program and don't know where to find the things they tell me to use. My version is CS6. Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 4.02.59 PM.png