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    RoboHelp HTML 10. Need to see, save, or backup configurations


      I just took over a technical writing position. The previous person was here for seven years and set up and configured RoboHelpl heavily. Of course, the program resides on the C drive of a computer, and so is not backed up. I (and IT) are terrified of a system failure that would put us back to scratch, since many of the last guy's documented processes wouldn't work on a new install without all the magic he added. I am a temporary standin between him and someone else who will take over in 6 months, so I shouldn't change very much. I just want to preserve what is....and perhaps document it all a little better.


      I haven't worked with RoboHelp in over ten years, but still had more experience in it than any other candidates, but I want to be careful about messing with it. Where is the configuration located and how can we best preserve it for the next person to worry about?  A lot of crucial company information is stored in RoboHelp, and we do back up the database to a location that is backed up regularly, although, even though I'm using Terra Copy, some files are being skipped in the copy process. But that's another problem.


      Thanks for any help or suggestions of places to look for these answers

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          RoboHelp should be installed to the local C drive like any other application usually is. Nothing special to "configure" as far as that goes.


          When you open RoboHelp, you then open a "Project". Normally we advise to place the project files on the local drive as well, with periodic backup copies to a server for disaster recovery.


          When you have a project open in RoboHelp 10, try right-clicking either the HTML Files (Topics) or the Project Files (it may present using either set of terms, depending on what has been clicked), Then choose Explore. That should drop you into Windows Explorer at the project location. What you need to back up are all the files and folders you find in that location.


          Cheers... Rick