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    Intel LGA2011-v3 (i7-5820K processor) Mother Board Selection


      I am building a new system (the kids have taken over my pc) and am thinking of using an Intel LGA2011-v3 i7-5820K processor and associated DDR4 memory.  I am thinking of either the "ASUS X99-DELUXE" or the "MSI X99S XPower AC LGA 2011-v3".  I do not think it will matter from a performance perspective (please advise if I am incorrect), however, I am wondering if anyone has experience with these.  I have researched on the internet, and there are not a lot of direct comparisons I could find.  I am presently using the MSI big bang X-Power 1366 and I have had no issues with it so MSI has been good to me.  Lastly, I mainly use Premiere Pro CS6 and edit my 1080p videos and burn to blu-rays.


      Thanks for any insight.