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    appointment calendar


      Does formscentral now have a customizable appointment calendar that dates can be blacked out as booked or not available.  This is a need?

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          brian.filipiak Level 2

          Hello altaboy60,


          FormsCentral does not have this functionality. Instead, I use FormsCentral and the form logic to get a person along the right path, and then link them to the appropriate web-based calendar scheduling application, that is outside of FormsCentral. There are some really good options out there that are relatively low cost. (The one we use is $20 per month for an unlimited number of calendars, each with their own direct-access URL if you wish.)


          Not sure how the Adobe folks feel about this (and I don't work for this company nor do I have any financial interest in them), but the product we use is here.


          I hope this helps,