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    Same cmyk but visually not the same colors / Photoshop and indesign / Calibrated screen / Thanks /)




      I'm sorry if this has already been solved and answered before, honestly i've not found answers for my problem :

      using Adobe CC 2014 on windows 8.1 / calibrated screen (eizo cg + xrite) /
      I've set bridge to synchronise my color profil setup along the Adobe suite.

      A photo is identical from lightroom to photoshop but as i import it into indesign its colors visually change and this is affecting the final pdf in acrobat too.

      Talking about a pdf exported from indesign  : if i open a page from the pdf into photoshop the colors go back to normal (as they were before in photoshop).


      It's not a problem of color values that change but visualisation :

      I created a one single cmyk color document in photoshop > export in tiff > import in indesign : the cmyk numbers are identical.

      but both documents side by side do not render visually identical. Even if the specs of the color are the same : visually it's not the same color.

      It appears that majenta is treated as stronger in indesign.


      What is my problem coming from ? or might come from ?

      Do i have to trust photoshop or indesign ?



      i Thank you very much /