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    Restricting X or Y overflow settings




      Is it possible to enable x-axis scrolling while restricting y-axis scrolling in the new Edge Animate release?

      It was possible in earlier versions by altering the xxx_edge.js file and changing the "overflow" settings, as in this bit of code from Tim Jaramillo:


      states: {

            "Base State": {

               "${_Stage}": [

                  ["color", "background-color", 'rgba(177,220,255,1.00)'],

                  ["style", "overflow-x", 'auto'],

                  ["style", "height", '400px'],

                 ["style", "overflow-y", 'hidden'],

                  ["style", "width", '550px']


      The new .js file is structured differently and I am not quite sure how to separate the x & y overflow.


      Thank you for any help,