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    Director 11 and SW 11

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      I have published a movie which compresses a sound. It works great in my ".dir" but when published as a ".dcr" or ".htm", the compression does not work. The publisher of the audioXtra said that shockwave may not be using the correct information from the xtrainfo.txt file. Do I have to manually adjust any settings to make the shockwave move behave like the ".dir" movie? Thanks for any help on this problem - Brian.
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          What is the specific problem? What do you mean that the compression
          does not work? Does the sound not play? Is the file size larger than
          you are expecting? Do you get any errors while publishing?

          What sort of sound file is it (mp3, wav, swa, etc)? And how is it
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            Using Audio Xtra 6.1, I record a ".wav" file. I can play and hear the sound in both ".dir" and ".dcr". Audio Xtra 6.1 uses OGG compression to reduce the size of the ".wav" file. In "dir", everything works great. As a ".dcr", everything works great except when movie moves to the following code:

            axSetEnvironmentInfo("useTempDirectory", 1)

            -- Forces conversion to mono and maximum compression and prepare for ShockFiler upload
            dataToSend = axCompressToOggData ( currentWord , 1, 1)
            -- the compressed sound is a much smaller ".wav" file

            where currentWord is the name of the recording and dataToSend is the file property which will be uploaded to server using ShockFiler Xtra.

            In ".dcr", there are no errors produced. The other buttons in the movie continue to work. I can compress in ".dir" but I cannot compress the sound in ".dcr". I think there is a Shockwave setting that is not responding proporly to the xtraInfo.txt file which references the following for autodownload in ShockWave:

            [#namePPC:"Audio Xtra", #nameW32:"AudioXtra.x32", #package:" http://download.tabuleiro.com/packages/Audio/61/AudioXtra"
            [#namePPC:"ShockFiler", #nameW32:"ShockFiler.x32", #package:" http://download.tabuleiro.com/packages/ShockFiler/2/ShockFiler"

            Any help to get OGG Compression to work in Shockwave would be greatly appreciated - Brian

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              I am not too familiar with this xtra, but is it shockwave safe to use
              that command? In general, shockwave does not have access to the temp
              directory, and you need to do any sort of file manipulation in the
              dswmedia folder.

              I just had a cursory glance at the online docs for the xtra, and found
              this which may be helpful...



              In Shockwave you must have a sounds directory specified before you can
              record audio files. In authoring or projectors you can specify any path
              for a recorded sound and load files from any path. If you decide to use
              a sounds directory in authoring or projector for convenience you can
              either set the path to the sounds directory using axSetEnvironmentInfo
              ("soundsDirectory") or you can prompt the user for the path using

              In Shockwave, there are two options: the first is to prompt the user for
              the path using axPromptForSoundsDirectory. The second option is to set
              the environment option "useDswMediaDirectory" to TRUE, and Audio Xtra
              will automatically detect and use the DswMedia support folder for your
              Shockwave player installation. This option was introduced in version 5.1
              of Audio Xtra.

              In both cases you cannot set or query the "soundsDirectory" property
              using axSet or GetEnvironmentInfo, for security reasons. The path to the
              final sounds directory is stored internally and only available to Audio
              Xtra. The Shockwave movie can only work with files in the sounds
              directory. This applies to recording, playback and sound conversion.
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                An additional note, the code in this button will stop working on the line which contains the axCompressToOggData in Shockwave. The following lines of code upload the sound - which works in the ".dir" - Brian.