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    Centrally storing objects/page layouts for use in Indesign CS6


      Hi all,


      We create credential docs to send out to potential clients. We have done work in different sectors (e.g. health, sports, charities, etc) so we tailor these creds docs so they are appropriate to the client. We currently have a process where we would open up an old indd file, copy whatever pages we want, and paste them into the new indd doc.


      This process presents several issues. The pages start to vary between the different cred docs (margins, grids, styles, etc) as time goes on. Digging through creds docs to find a page for a particular project is time consuming. Sometimes a new page is created because the old page wasn't found (or we forgot we already had one) which adds to the variation of pages.


      I've gone down the library route, creating libraries for the different sectors and storing content within there. This has been good so far, as we can quickly find pages we want and place them. And we can quickly place new pages into the library, or update any old ones with a simple click.


      The issue is that these libraries store absolute links, and we store our data in a Dropbox share which has different absolute path on each computer based on the username (Mac HD\users\"username"\Dropbox).


      My question is, does anyone have a better solution to centrally store indd pages so they can be used from any Dropbox share?