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    Freeze on start - damaged preferences file

    EShambroomPhoto Level 1

      For the past several weeks I repeatedly can't start Lightroom 5.6 and now 5.7 without first deleting the preferences file, which apparently is repeatedly damaged. Once this is done I can restart Lightroom and reset my preferences. This occurs on two computers, one running Windows 8.1, the other Windows 7 - with two different Lightroom catalogs. I have found no information about this strange and sudden problem. Is anybody else experiencing this?


      Adobe has blocked any support contact on systems not running on the monthly paying CC subscription model (I use CS6, which I have licensed through an art college where I have a teaching position), leaving professional users such as myself to solve mysterious problems alone. This is time consuming, which I find this unacceptable. What other industry ignores the needs of its users, especially those who help maintain its image through professional use and teaching? Has Adobe stopped listening?