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    Edge Animate doesn't respond to trigger, auto-plays to the end while previewing in the browser.


      I've this strange problem with EA.

      I was working on a project which was doing pretty well. You may see it over here.

      This afternoon I wanted to make some progress, opened the file, clicked preview in browser. What I saw was the auto-play of animation from start to end. No regard to triggers whatsoever. So, I downloaded the original file from the web server (which obviously is working as you can see from the above link), reopened in AE and tried to preview in the browser, same thing happened, doesn't respond to triggers, just auto-plays start to finish in one go. I hit publish again (with no edits, just loaded up the originals from server, saved and published.), and re-uploaded to the web server to see if it had anything to do with my local settings. It behaved same as the preview, auto play, as if there was no triggers.


      Am i doing something wrong here? or is this a known bug? if so, is there a work around to this issue?




      PS: I restarted the PC and reinstalled EA, that didn't help either.