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    can anyone tell me how to import a PDF into LiveCycle and it will keep the orignal PDF content (artwork and text)?




      I hope you can help. I just download Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4 for evaluation. I am trying to open an existing PDF to do some modification to it which tell me I need Adobe LiveCycle Designer to make my changes. My problem is when I open it all of my content (artwork images, and text) is gone when import it into LiveCycle.


      I like to know is there a way that I can import and make the content of the original PDF document(Flyer) editable; preserves the pdf appearance and retains existing fields and formatting, then allow me to do the modifications and save it back into the original PDF document with changes.  Once done then I like to be able to open it in Arcobat Reader and see the modification.


      Is it possible to do this with LiveCycle and if so can you tell my how and if not asking to much send me a step-by-step process that will allow me to do this.  I have look and read everywhere but still is unable to do it this way. when I open it I only see a blank page with squares where my artwork and content should be.


      Again, I like to know if there is a way to open it in Livecycle so that it will show all my artwork and text content and allow me to edit it while in LiveCycle plus see how it will look when I save it back to the PDF.


      Hope you can get back to me immediately. I like to purchase this product if I can do this because I have many flyers that has the same problem and I will need to fix.


      I not sure if your response will go to my email since this is the first time I am using this but can you send your response to my email. it is whairs01@att.net


      William Lamar