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    Moving "my positions" from one mac to another




      I have just moved my whole lightroom library from my old mac to a newer one.

      Everything is fine so far, except "my positions" on the cards module.

      There is nothing in it.

      On the old mac I could export every single of "my positions" one by one and import it afterwards on the new mac.

      But this is on one hand very time consuming (> 100 Positions) and on the other hand it does not deliver the expected results.

      Right now, on the old mac, there is a number next to the position, indicating how many pictures my library holds with this position.

      After importing on the new mac, this information seems to be lost.

      Please note, that it does not make any difference it the positions are marked as "private" or not (I have checked this).


      In summary:

      1) Is there any workflow to export all of my positions at once?

      2) How can I keep the information of how many pictures are attributed to the specific positions?


      Thanks for your support,