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    How to import a PDF into LiveCycle and make it keep the orignal PDF content (artwork and text)


      I have a pdf document (Flyer) that tell me that I need LiveCycle Designer to make any changes to it. When I import it into LiveCycle Designer ES4 it loose all my content (artwork and text) and only show me the format, layout of the pages and only the untitled field text that I like to changes which is copyright email address and everything else is blank squares where my images and text will be. I want to see the pages as I see it in Acrobat Reader with all my content (artwork and Text). My artwork are images/pictures that can be change by clicking on them with new images. My text I type in. Can someone please help. I have read and tried everything but still cannot get LiveCycle to import my pdf with my content (artwork and text) the way I want it. Can it be done or not?