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    Webhelp Template error (RegisterResolvers)

    VilmaZ Level 1

      Hi all,

      I've already googled, plus I looked into similar discussions here, but no solutions.



      We have:

      • Windows XP
      • Robohelp 7 (inside the technical Communication Suite)
      • Webhelp output
      • MS Word 2007

      As others, this environment is working perfectly since years. Last Webhelp output was October, 2013.



      We compiles our projects and got the error, we create a new quite empty project and we got the error.

      We did the following action without luck:

      • BitDefender Antivirus paused
      • Administrator proviledge got (nothing changed on this machine, just strange thing that Start, Control panel, User account is empty..)
      • .cpd removed
      • run the RoboScriptReg.exe (found somewhere) in the Program/Adobe/Programs/Robohelp HTML folder



      "Initializing compiler...

      Generating Webhelp 5.50 (7.01.001)...

      Template Active Script Error: Fail to initialize script.

      Template Error: can not resolve macro: RegisterResolvers


      Fatal Error: Cannot run macro: Register Resolvers in compilation script"



      We have to delivers this weeks eight project in two languages, we need to solve this issue.

      p.s: we are even users of MadCap Flare. Our customer does not want to upgrade to a new product and for this reason we area still woring in RH7


      Thank you to all