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    ExternalInterface call works in firefox not in IE7


      I have 2calls in my flex application to Javascript functions. The first call (in different file), works fine in IE7 and firefox. The second only works in firefox. I have been debugging using trace but can't find the problem.

      The following code is the function call.

      private function getUserID():String
      var id:String;
      //trace('binnen functie');
      if (ExternalInterface.available)
      var wrapperFunction:String = "getID";
      id = ExternalInterface.call(wrapperFunction);
      //trace('gevonden id: '+id);
      id = "Wrapper not available";

      return id;


      The following code is the Javascript function that is called.

      <script type="text/javascript">
      function getID()
      return 2626


      Thanks in advance,
      Ward Loockx