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    Install premiere Elements 8.0 prov.xml


      I can not generate prov.xml i get error code 14


      2014-12-01 08:29:27 [2236504]  OOBELib: Validate using Driver LEID : V7{}PremiereElements-EMT8-Win-GM, App LEID : <blank>, SN :

      2014-12-01 08:29:27 [2236504]  OOBELib: Failed to get system default proxy in setProxyCredentialsForIALSession

      2014-12-01 08:29:27 [2236504]  OOBELib: Failed to set proxy credentials for IAL session while validating serial number

      2014-12-01 08:29:27 [2236504]  OOBELib: HTTPCommunicationAgent::processMessage is https://lm.licenses.adobe.com/aes/aes/v1/serialInfo (extURL=)

      2014-12-01 08:29:28 [2236504]  OOBELib: HTTP Request Status code 200.

      2014-12-01 08:29:28 [2236504]  OOBELib: HTTPCommunicationAgent- Return Code:[0] response size-[201] time taken-[781.84]ms.

      2014-12-01 08:29:28 [2236504]  OOBELib: Got error from server-[14].

      2014-12-01 08:29:28 [2236504]  OOBELib: ErrDesc from server: No associated scenario entry is present in the database..

      2014-12-01 08:29:28 [2236504]  OOBELib: Validate Serial status-[526] took-[783.80]ms.

      2014-12-01 08:29:28 [2236504]  OOBELib: OOBELib IAL VSN Associated Scenario not found

      2014-12-01 08:29:28 [2236504]  OOBELib: OOBELib IAL ValidateSerial call has failed : 526

      2014-12-01 08:29:28 [2236504]  OOBELib: Using Driver/ALL combination for offline/invalid SNs scenario

      2014-12-01 08:29:28 [2236504]  OOBELib: SN validated for AAMEE mode

      2014-12-01 08:29:28 [2236504]  OOBELib: OOBELib stat = 257

      2014-12-01 08:29:28 [2236504]  Adobe PRTK: Failed to validate the serial number


      the command i used is

      adobe_prtk.exe --tool=VolumeSerialize --generate --serial=XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX --leid=V7{}PremiereElements-EMT8-Win-GM --regsuppress=ss

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          This is not Adobe. Rather a user to user forum. For me, it took some searching to determine exactly what you were doing. I seem to have narrowed it down

          to a Silent Install, probably in a volume licensing operation.


          Adobe via its Adobe Chat typically supports the current Premiere Elements version which now happens to be 13. So, unless you have a special arrangement via volume licensing, I am not sure who is going to support you on this highly specialized matter involving Premiere Elements 8.


          I did come across the following from another Adobe Forum - it is not your version nor product, but....

          Silent install and activation of 50x copies of PhotoShop Elements 12 TLP


          Please review and consider, and then let us know if any of the above helped in your particular situation.